December 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

With visitors, comes the sun and all its shine hoping to please. Eager are the skies as they clear the dust and clouds that clutter their wares and display their pristine blue brightness. The animals and children rush forth their greetings and friendships are struck as quickly as cameras appear. Just more family, they say. It’s important to stay close in the mountains, where land slides off more land, roads bend sharply decentring you, cold winds chase after you and wilderness lurks. Yet, this holiday season, when all visited, we welcomed them and did our best to keep them warm and safe.

And as they wandered off, back to the plains, so did all sensibility. I smiled, as the wind curdled the dense mist that began to appear, and knew I needed to be on my own to revel in its madness.


December 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Festivities and the atmosphere they bring are travelling with the winter winds that roam these hills. Christmas, Hethai habba and Pongal; all to be celebrated within the next thirty days. Young people flock back to the hills that schooled them with resounding zeal, that can’t help but bring smiles to most faces. Families make time for each other as stories are exchanged, foods begin to taste better and the sky turns an even more ridiculous blue. There may be more errands to run, but the warmth they provide is comforting. And for the first time, I feel one with it all; as if this moment was waiting, resting in the depths of these valleys, only to smile warmly at me before rushing forward and swallowing me whole.

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