January 1, 2013 § 12 Comments

The Annual Report from WordPress made me feel terrible for my laziness with regards this blog, and so a minor update: I’ve moved a few times since descending the Blue Mountains, and will be on the go again in a month. A brief on the wonders of 2012 (easily one of my happiest years, might even scoop first place as The Happiest) have been jotted down below:

In drunken revelry, a year of time and fierce presence is remembered.

Another full year, and I did not see the sea very often, but the sun did set and rise in it. And as light pulled back and forth, so did my stories. It is no longer easy for me to say where I’ve come from, nor where I’m headed. This knowledge is now like vacant truth, denied by meaning.

My story is not my own. It has travelled over surplus borders and languages and foods and faiths. And the people that scrawled words across its canvas are some of the greatest poets I’ve met. Their lives – their everyday – tell limitless tales of what it is to hunt down meaning, to fight and struggle with passion, to feel full of blood and humanness. There is no longer room for merely getting by, no longer space for a single day to pass forgotten.

And somewhere in between all the skies, I moved from countless house to house, always calling them home as they buried themselves in nooks of living memory – new neighbours to dine with and listen to and share with; new teachers to walk tight ropes of freedom with; new friends to love and challenge; new families of my own.

I had never been pushed so far unto freedom, and could no longer claim to know myself. I started to dispose of unnecessary articles that halted, even so slightly, every opportunity to live and engage with life. And in began to flow older thoughts from younger days: the knowledge that routine is a myth, but exhilarating comfort still appears when a local recognises you as part of their landscape; that no matter how full days become, there’s always time to be more; that another drought and flimsy banks and lawyers can drive someone you know to suicide, even as you watch a storm light up a desert with soft rain; that no amount of seeking refuge in pre-defined sentiment will teach joy, but sunrises come rather close; that to disconnect ourselves from our lands is madness of a dangerous breed; that winter winds carry flocks of migrants who choose to trust despite unknowing change; that trust isn’t, and will never be, as significant as love; that we are all vulnerable to theft of many kinds; that we can never find peace if we only wish it unto ourselves; that all that I am certain of rests within this moment, ready to perch upon a distant echo and dance out of reach. I know so much less than I did a year ago, but the intensity and joy of each day are all I wish to pursue.

And 2013? I can only anticipate.


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§ 12 Responses to 2012

  • Ruthlums, I couldn’t be happier to have begun 2013 reading writing as good as this. where’s your first book? long overdue.

  • rayworth1973 says:

    Just keep plugging away. People will find you and appreciate your work. It just takes time. Books also take time. I’ve been at it since 1995. I have 11 novels under my belt and 675 rejections, but who’s counting? Still no major novel published yet, but I have two contracts, so we’ll see. I HAVE had several short stories published, a long hard road…

    It can be frustrating but I don’t write for everyone’s approval, though that’s nice. I write because I love it. I love to tell stories. I’m just glad when someone else happens to like them. Moreso than when someone hates them!

    You have a gift, use it, but use it for yourself and just be happy when others like it. Keep putting it out there and they will find it. As for getting published, well… that’s another story!

    • ruthpinto says:

      Congratulations on the 11 novels! Yes, the process is tedious and frustrating (so it has been temporarily put off). Writing is an integral part of how I live, so you needn’t worry there!
      Thank you for dropping by!

  • Ruth share at your own pace when you are inspired or not, this post is a very good example of how good a writer you are! I anxiously await your next post. Happy new year and much love to you always!

    • ruthpinto says:

      I mostly fell out of the habit of writing here, and not writing in general. Inspiration is still in plenty, and more is on its way! A very happy 2013 to you too!

  • michael says:

    So much experience, so much wisdom. Whether or not you write to share it, what you’ve gathered deserves to be shared through you.

    You’re an amazing person, I hope you see that, and I wish you all the best of luck with the wonderful road ahead of you this year.

    • ruthpinto says:

      Thank you, Michael; it means much coming from you (although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think I was wonderful). I feel quite blessed most often.

      I hope 2013 dazzles you.

  • Ruth, I’m pleased to know that in the months following our connecting (while I was in India), that you had a very special year. Here’s hoping that 2013 is just as wonderful.


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