May 3, 2012 § 8 Comments

He was known to most of the neighbourhood. Familiar and principally calm, he wandered through our worlds, and although incapable of politely asking him to leave, we chose to be welcoming. That was until he found the well.

Situated in the garden of one of the households, the occupants soon found their grass trampled on, flowerbeds revamped, and themselves having to share water with Boltu. About 6 feet high, Boltu is a lone male gaur that traverses parts of our little town caught between forest lands. With a distinguished chip on his left horn and his preference for solitude, he is easy to place. And yet, amidst familiarity, he stood afraid. Fear of bright lights, rocks being thrown, the paramount booing and chasing by those who bought his land left him as cornered and scared as the perpetrators of these acts, leaving all scrounging for a solution between equally worried stakeholders.

And as May pierces through our days and resident unions are formed, we hope and pray that our own struggles are in tandem with his.


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  • Emma says:

    It’s too bad that these types of things aren’t taken into consideration when lands are sold and change hands. Instead they are treated as incidental and left to work themselves out.

    ‘…we hope and pray that our own struggles are in tandem with his’ this is a very powerful idea for me, if only we could come to a place where we work for common goals as a general rule…thought provoking

    • ruthpinto says:

      Particularly the ownership of public lands and forest lands.
      Working for common goals is challenging when promoting freedom, but yes, if it is something we wanted to work towards, even if unable to reduce conflict, dialogue would help greatly (although talking things through with a huge, powerful animal may be tricky).

  • Island Hopes says:

    Amazing prose – because it is so much like poetry.

  • AdiPrakash says:

    I think its fantastic! its got great structure: the way you zoom into boltu; good subject matter and its served as an engaging short story. it felt very complete. Brava!

  • I so agree with Island Hopes… your prose is really like poetry:)


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