April 14, 2012 § 11 Comments


I think her discomfort and pain have made up her mind and mine. I don’t think I’ll ever be strong enough to relive something like this again. Guilt is inevitable sometimes; I feel like I achieved something the cancer was merely in the process of doing.

I feel empty. The house feels so different without her, as do my mind and heart.

A year has passed, more than I imagined has happened, and yet I’m not used to missing her, her morning kisses and weekend barks.


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  • chronicpainandme says:

    Those are such nice words and I don’t think we ever get used to missing our pets. So long as she had a happy life you should not feel guilty.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post,


  • bluelyon says:

    We had to say good-bye to our beautiful Daisy last July. I miss her every day.

  • Gini was my husband’s little sister. She’s still the reason why we have never kept any pet ever. Separation is painful.

  • Beautifully done my friend! You will always have her in your hearts and minds forever!

  • Tia says:

    my heart is breaking after reading that, they fill a special spot in our hearts that can’t be replaced by another. Each fur baby completes us in its own way through it’s own unique personality. You never truly know love or caring until you have loved or cared for a fur baby. They know true unconditional love….if only we could learn from them.

  • Ayasonice says:

    I understand how you feel, dear. Loss always leaves a hole in our hearts :(

  • lizabethf says:

    I understand what you’re saying. Our beautiful Kobe passed away from lymphoma two years ago, yet I still miss her so. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post.

  • ruthpinto says:

    Thank you all for writing in and sharing your own stories. Death and loss are so integral to life.
    She was an elemental part of our family ever since I was six.

  • the part about achieving something cancer was merely in the process of doing is so evocative. There is no pace to this writing, it’s like a smoke that never clears the room. What’s important here is the emotion and this poem/statement/writing is all emotion. Best to you.

  • seekraz says:

    “I’m not used to missing her.” Sad and beautiful words with deep roots…the kind that go with us when we leave into that other place….


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