March 31, 2012 § 6 Comments

When temperatures rise and forests turn ablaze with the morning sun, rain clouds rush forth to calm the bothered earth and encourage flowers and fruits to blossom. Here in the mountains, hailstones quench our worried minds as we run outdoors to gather them. Even in the cool sholas, they fall sparingly against a backdrop of rainbows and thunder. Sometimes, chips of ice falling from the heavens are enough to ease the weight of the earth. And yet, we seem surprised when the weather gifts us joy, and progressively disconnect ourselves from our lands.


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  • Ann Marquez says:

    Your blog – your words – are absolutely beautiful … extraordinary!

  • Just taking a look at your blog, and your words and thoughts are very beautiful!

  • rohan says:

    When i read this i thought of “day of rain” by thriving ivory.I picture you walking out to wet your face in the rain.,and smiling.I miss you so much Ruth. Your blog is simply amazing. You should publish it, or not whatever you feel like. When i see you next ill give you the tightest hug, whether you like it or not. Also I’m totally get updates of new post via email. I tried to punctuate as much as i could.

    • ruthpinto says:

      I’m thinking of putting these little bits of prose together to form a journey of sorts, and have thought of publishing, but it may be more interesting once more places are lived in. You should show it to your mum, she may have some ideas.
      You give wonderful hugs, so I shall not argue.


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