November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I first arrived in these hills, the landscape demanded new understandings. Views of neighbouring hills from my window, across valleys, were closer and farther away than they appeared each day. Misunderstandings were in plenty and that which I remember most vividly lasted a mere split-second.

As I returned from a long day and dozed as gently as may be possible in a rickety jeep, I awoke and peered blearily at stars that travelled beside me; I was certain I could run out to them and wondered if the land had risen so quickly – like bread in an oven – and pierced through the heavens until they had become them. I soon realised that all I gazed at were homes bunched together to form a tiny constellation up on a hill somewhere and not a community lost to the sky. I wasn’t disappointed; it was heaven enough.


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