November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wild animals roam carelessly in most parts of the Blue Mountains. Frogs, a variety of birds and cicadas are quick to make their presence felt. Gaur visit regularly, and wild boar and bonnet macaques are a part of the neighbourhood. The diffident leopard and bear are most often no more than silhouettes, but are not too easily forgotten. One such reminder of their presence was noted when a leopard decided to prey on a dog at its very own residence. This home also kept warm a family with little children, and was situated a storey off the ground. The tea bushes planted behind the home were in line with the terrace making it a lazy leap for the leopard and a convenient stop for a snack. The streets of the town weren’t too well lit and most homes often left unlocked as theft in most forms is unheard of. The leopard was soon at the front door and had grabbed the dog by her throat. The dog however, wasn’t too keen on making it an easy winning and swung her body into her home while relying wholly on her collar to reduce the damage of the cat’s teeth. Bravely, the man of the home grabbed his beloved and pulled her inside while turning on all sources of light. The leopard, caught off guard and dazzled by the bright light, renounced its hold on the scruff of the dog and ran back up the stairs. Breathing took a while to be eased that night. Now doors remain locked as wounds heal and stories are carried forth.

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