October 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nothing could wash away the blame that should have come thundering down with the pile of dust from the side of that hill. Another cyclone had hit the bay, and in the remainder of the state, heavy raindrops pelted to the earth as atmospheric pressures overwhelmed them. Up in these hills, we wandered through a sea of cloud, from island to island, trusting our memory to steer us safely. All the waste we produced the previous month lay stacked against the side of a hill away from our vision and thoughts. Maybe we animated our thoughts too drastically and imagined that a pile of displaced matter would, like us, cling to the side of the earth during such dreadfully testing times. Or maybe we didn’t think at all. Three people it killed as it tumbled down and crushed their place of refuge, their home. Silence followed both the incident and its reporting on the news, as we told ourselves that these things come with the terrain and refocused our attention on swimming through the clouds.

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