August 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

The word was imprinted on the side of a box of dried leaves, and on my mind, since a young age. It featured on the most inviting of boxes that sat on a shelf in one of the kitchen cupboards.

Today, it shone brightly off a green sign board letting me know that I had finally arrived in a land of tea spluttered with silver oak. The same land brought me glimpses of rolling mist and plunging valleys; water and land, together forming far more than the mind can appreciate. Clouds, unravelling their thoughts as they hugged the sides of the blue hills, nestling in their curves; drops of light and rain gently caressing each other as they plummet to the earth and continue falling; standing water, waiting to run down slopes and out into open plains where the sun is able to burn into its very being until it is sky again.

I was thrilled to have finally arrived. These lands that I had dreamed of, filled with incalculable life, had at last become a live part of who I am. Our stories could now mingle atop and within the misty blue sides of the Nilgiris and my mind.


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